Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fantasy Garden

We had to travel to the Garden Island this week and today came upon a fantasy garden. A land of fertile soil, rain, sunshine and mild temperatures. More than 100 years ago, manual labor developed fields and irrigation systems. The gardens are still tended today. Another dream for us.


  1. What a beautiful area. The photo looks so lush and green. Good shot.

  2. Boy, that's my dream as well. What a beautiful place.

  3. There are so many sceneries like that in the provinces of the Philippines hehehe. That looks like rice fields.

    Dropping by here.

  4. L.D. Thanks. Mrs. Suburban Gardener takes full credit for the photo.

    Mr. H. Lots of tropical fruits too. And beautiful scenery.

    Amy, Yea, that's true ehh? When we get to the Philippines we'll have to check out the gardening.


  5. Oh my gracious, that isn't in America is it ? It's lovely !

    Are the guys still bored ? How are you guys doing ?

  6. Oh, and the bell peppers I grew aren't normal ones, they are the size of tiny tomatoes and were spicy !! It was quite a shocker. Haha !


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