Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cucumbers Today

Howdy. Well we are just thrilled about gardening. The cucumber plant keeps putting out cukes even though it had a rough spell with the heat wave. Picked these today. That makes about 52 this year from just one plant. The container bush cucumber plants died early, but this straight eight keeps on growing and flowering. Yay!!


  1. Love those cukes, they are so delicious. How is your watermelon plant?

  2. Nice, looks good ! Mine never survived the heat. :-/

    How is the family doing ? Back in school yet ?

  3. How are you all doing ? Do you grow pumpkins of any sort ?

  4. Oh my, back talking ! That's what makes me nervous about having kids, things like that,I'm still trying to tame my own tongue, I would not know what to do with kids. Good luck with that, maybe it'll be just a phase with them ?

    The guys fly out the 19th and are expected to arrive 25,26,27. They couldn't pick a crazier time ! It'll be worth it though. We just have to get them through the 19th and the rest will be a breeze. Am still in shock that it's not another 2 months or 3 .

    Happy Veterans day !

  5. Hey ! Yes, Jason finally made it home safely on Thanksgiving day. :-D I think he's having a much easier time adjusting than I am. He's in the process of checking out of the military, he has enough days saved up so that he can make an early exit in the first two or three days of February, then the contract officially expires on my birthday, the 21st.

    Oohh, the watermelon sounds nice ! Mine kept vining and blossoming but never produced fruit. Kind of strange, oh well, I did attempt and that must count for something.

    How is the family doing ? How are you and wifey ?? I hope you guys aren't going too crazy with it being this close to Christmas ! I hate the Christmas traffic both inside and outside. Yuck ! Since we're moving in March, we're just staying here in Wilmington with my family and visit his extended relatives in Greensboro for the holidays.

    I started a new blog and still have the old one up.

    Hope you all are doing well !


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