Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tomato Tuesday

Today was a big tomato day. 36 picked and 300 year to date all together. Wow!! Mortgage lifters in front of the blogging machine. Japanese black trifle on top of the keyboard. Volunteer tomatoes on the right side in front of one sad looking cucumber. My opinion: mortgage lifters are huge, tasty and shaped weirdly. Black trifles are a little disappointing in the size and low output, but we'll happily take what we get. This is one of those days when the picking basket just isn't big enough. Happy Gardening!!!!!


  1. Great harvest, dude! I won't be growing the mortgage lifter again next year, because they just didn't perform well for me. Nothing but Cherokee Purple and roma from now on!

  2. wow you have put some real tomato show. i wish i could ever grow so much veggies.

  3. Glad you liked the mortgage lifters! I have a mild obsession with them. It could be the glitter underneath the skin (I kid you not, they glitter in the afternoon sun here, unless that was the champagne seeing the glitter.) Congrats on such an awesome tomato crop!

  4. fantastic tomatoes! I'm jealous.

  5. Great looking tomatoes and the cucumber??? Well it might not be pretty but I bet it's mighty tasty.

  6. I just planted some Japanese Black! Where'd you buy them from?

  7. Those mortgage lifters are HUGE! I'll have to trying that one next year.

  8. EG, I wonder how the purples taste? Hmmm. May be worth a try..

    Muhammad, Yes we were happy to see so many. Looks like you're a flower expert.

    Prue, Thanks. I have been eating one for lunch each day. They are so filling. Wow!! I have to look for the glitter.

    Ruth, I want your berries. So there!!

    Margaret, You are so right! Thanks.

    Dennis, It was one 4 inch pot from Elwood's Nursery in 90274. Pretty far from FL. But they are so great. I love that place.

    Thomas, Yes I highly recommend you try it. It is our first year and we just hope the plant can hold the weight of all those giant tomatoes. Thanks!


  9. Wow, that's pretty cool !


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