Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Orange and Lemon Blossoms

Today could only spare a few minutes for the garden. Boo... Watered the 23 vegetable containers in the morning. In the afternoon snapped some quick photos of the Washington navel blossoms and the Improved meyer lemon blossoms. Both trees are dwarf grafts. The lemon tree keeps us stocked with a lemon a day. It is useful to add to H2O for a refreshing drink. The Navel tree produced just one fruit last year which was very tasty. It's only been planted here for a year and a half, but now the Washington navel has around 24 blossoms. That is my brief moment of gardening today. So glad the trees are happy.


  1. Citrus in the back yard..how wonderful!


  2. And what are you doing posting a comment on my blog? Aren't you supposed to be working. Funny boy :)

  3. Congratulations! You were the winner of my Garden Giveaway. How could you not be after the "awesome" comment you left? :) Let me know who to get it to you!


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