Saturday, March 7, 2009

Plants Planted in the Spring Garden

Just a note for future reference:

March 7th
Green ice lettuce seeds
Italian kale - Nero Toscana seeds
Yellow onion sets
Misc. carrot seeds
Nantes half long carrot seeds
Straight eight cucumber baby transplant

March 8th
Spinach seeds
Early girl tomato baby transplant

March 12th
Mortgage lifter heirloom tomato transplant

March 14th
Dark green zucchini squash baby transplant


  1. You were busy today! Did you direct sow or start indoors. I can't wait to start planting. I suppose I shoudl wait for the snow to melt first.

  2. I plan to start some more seeds indoors and do a little more winter sowing tomorrow. We had snow today, so not a good gardening day.

  3. Heather, I was busy today. It was direct sowing. But first I sifted about 10 square feet of dirt to get the rocks out and mixed in compost. As you know, the planting is easy after all the work to prepare the soil.

    Catherine, I was out in the garden in the early morning and thought I was freezing. Probably was in the high 40's. But if it's snowing you do too much outside...

  4. Lots of great stuff going on in your garden. I haven't been able to direct sow yet, and today it snowed! I've got seedling fast approaching full planthood that need to get outside.

  5. we are starting to buy seeds this week and excited with our garden but i guess we will do something with the front first....flower garden then the back area which are vegetable

    i will be back here

  6. Gardeness, Are you in Seattle? I am shocked it snowed there in March. Is that normal?

    Amy, Now is the time to get the seeds in. Before the heat comes. Have fun!!


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