Sunday, March 22, 2009

Patch Work In Progress

We made some progress in the garden which is always a treat. The broccoli and carrots were delicious. Steamed broccoli and carrot juice. Um Umm. The plant material was cut in small pieces with the hand pruner and is now in the active compost bin.

Next step is to turn the soil, sift out the rocks and grubs, and ammend with compost. You can see our tools here. In the suburban garden, we are slowly turning the awful rocky soil into awesome fertile soil. But it takes a lot of time.

With such a small garden space it's no wonder that we've taken up container gardening too.

Hope your weekend was happy!!


  1. You are making progress! Seeing your shovel and that dirt makes me feel happy for the new garden season. It's not new for you, though. Thanks for your comment on my new post. No, I don't lollygag when it comes to gardening, but I have had a pile of towels on my couch since yesterday, and have been folding a few at a time. How silly!

  2. wow, that is really a good job...i still did not start my vegie garden, it is still a forest haha....tomorrow, i will be planting some flower plants and maybe in the afternoon, clean the other side of the house..

    thanks for the comments and visit

  3. couldn't you just come to my house and do it all for me? please? :)

  4. Tami- Maybe when I retire will have enough time to do your gardening. Or I will make a bigger garden..


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