Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celery Processing Factory - 4th Celery Plant

Since the celery has been doing so well, we developed a bagging factory of sorts. We clean and dice the stalks. The veggie drawer in the fridge has a fresh baggie of celery. And that gives us a constant supply of fresh celery to mix in salads or whatever we want. We have only 2 more celery plants to harvest, then we will replant that section of the Suburban Garden. BTW, the lettuce, spinach, and kale have been harvested every single day for the last week or more and we have been blessed with salads galore. Yay for gardening!!


  1. That is the pretties celery. I haven't ever tried to grow it, someone once told me it was hard but looking at that makes me want to try anyway.

  2. Lucky you..I should have some salad ready to harvest in about 3 weeks. I too might try growing celery. It looks really great.

  3. Wow looks fantastic. Judging by your abilities celery may not be the difficult menace to grow that I thought it was. Does it take a lot of water?

  4. Heather, Go ahead and give it a try. We started with a six pack from the nursery. I believe it is a cool weather crop too. Love your chicken shack too. That is so cool.

    Margaret, OMG We have eaten so much home grown salad lately. Such a treat. Hope your greens are ready soon.

    Prue, Yes the celery is supposed to like a lot of water, and we tried to keep it wetter than the rest of the Suburban Garden. We did not know it was hard to grow until we were told by others that they had poor results. We read that celery likes slightly acidic soil, and we added some coffee grounds around the plants every once and a while. Cheers to y'all down under.


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