Monday, April 27, 2009

Playing and Planting in the Garden

That space that we began double digging a month ago after the broccoli was harvested is finally done. First we set up Gretsh and some warriors to fight over a lemon. Later we planted a Japanese black trifele tomato, and an Ambrosia muskmelon cantelope. To fill in the gaps, we also planted more onions, more spinach, and more leaf lettuce. All in that small area. No that's not all. We also put in a row of Blue lake bush beans. We are so glad that we got this section cleaned up and re-planted.We want to stay on top of the harvesting schedules and have as much of a continuous harverst as we can.
The next photo is further off to the right of the first area. It shows the attack on the Mortgage lifter tomato that we planted as a baby transplant in March. It is growing nicely. The Mortgage lifter is flanked by the celery farm on the left and the onion ranch on the right.


  1. I saw the mortgage lifter tomato for sale and ended up not buying it. I really will be glad to see how that turns out. I plant brandywine or beefsteak for a large tomato. This will be great to have you be our test garden for us.

  2. L.D. Selecting tomatoes has become such an ordeal.... I literally read the bio on each variety, and then dwell on which one to choose. We only have a small garden so we don't want to pick any duds. The photos and description of the Mortgage lifter were enough to seal the deal. The nusery sold it in a tiny container too, like a 6 ounce dixie cup... We will post more Mortgage lifter photos as they develop.

  3. The best thing about the gardens is teaching the kiddos to learn to love it too!
    Happy Gardening!

  4. Bren, Lil Bro was helping in the garden today. Such fun. :)


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