Monday, June 15, 2009

Crowded Cucumber and Carrots

The cucumbers are growing like crazy. And the carrots have become too big for this small space so we had a carrot harvest. Yay! The Spring carrots turned out better than the Winter carrots. Probably due to the massive amount of rocks that were removed in the Spring. Lil Bro helped pull out the carrots. Now we have some space for the cukes to spread out a little bit. Keep your plants happy and they will be happy and tasty!


  1. Nice carrots! Are those Nantes? I love how they are growing right around the cucumbers. You had better be carful though, your children might grow up to be farmers.:)

  2. Look at the carrots, awesome ! I used to eat those big carrots and watch Bugs Bunny as a kid.Those were the days . That reminds me, I should get one of those silver things for the cucumbers, yours look about the same size as mine, just a bit happier. Haha. It feels like mine will never grow and make delish plants. - J is a gunner on a vehicle, our guys go to unknown territory, once they clear the area they move on. Our mission this deployment is to set up things, but we have to clear the area first. If we need snipers or tanks, they have to come as soon as we call them. We, in a sense, tell them what to do and where to go. We're with the Light Armor Reconissance. (Or how ever its called or spelled.) There is only three of us in America for the Marines, our guys in NC, the other two are from California, we all take turns and rotate deployments. We're the first ones for the things they are doing this deployment, we're the guinea pigs this time. Not very comforting to us at home though, it's like "Oh-GREAT". Ha.- How are you guys doing by the way ?

  3. Your carrots look great, mine are not yet ready but soon...I'm now down to one cucumber plant with some cukes on it. The second one seems stunted, not sure why. It sets fruit but then the fruit turns yellow, dries up and dies when it's only about an inch long.

  4. Mr. H., I believe they are Nantes half long. Very good eye. Yesterday, Lil Bro announced he was going outside to spend some time in his paradise. He was referring to our garden. Pretty cool.

    PMW, Practice patience with your plants. Sometimes they seem to grow in slow motion, and other times they burst up so fast.

    Margaret, Hopefully you have more carrots planted than we do. Kinda sad to only have a handful. We're still waiting for the cukes to kick in too. Plenty of flowers but no real cukes yet. We'll try a little more patience I suppose.

    Thanks all for your notes!!



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