Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cukes in Containers

Our bush cucumbers are starting to really fill in. They are supposed to only get a couple feet tall. We'll see... If each flower makes a cucumber, then we are in for a truckload. Happy Gardening!


  1. Good luck to your bush cucumber .... Its good to aim high, even if in the end truckload becomes basketful.... Happy Gardening.

    ~ bangchik

  2. You guys' plants always look so good and happy, haha, I wish mine would look and grow better. It takes time I guess, being the grand daughter of farmers doesn't automatically give you a green thumb unfortunatley. Oh well.- February is a nice wedding month. How long have you guys been married ? :-) How did you guys meet ? - Tell the boys hi !

  3. Banchik and Kakdah. Thanks for the good wishes. Interesting that the bush cucumbers are starting to produce lots of tiny cukes. And the vine plant in the ground is only making flowers with no fruit. Yes a basketful is good too.

    PMW, Boys said Hi back. You are doing fine with your veggies. Just keep giving them tlc and you'll see.


  4. Strawberry lemonade sounds dreamy! I'll be interested in seeing how your cucumber fares. I want to try a miniature variety next year in my balcony garden.


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