Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Green Bean Patch

We noticed that the sun has shifted and we have another south-facing wall to grow vertically against. We made this little stand from scrap wood. Below is an 8 port drip sprinkler head and each pot has its own tube for automatic irrigation. Takes the daily TLC out of the picture, but we will just have to hand water something else.

We have 3 older green bean containers, the larger plants. Then we planted 2 more containers (top row) about 2 weeks later to space out the harvest. Soon we'll have 5 more green bean containers here for a total of 10. Then we'll see how tall they get. The bottom row has 3 kale containers for right now, but soon we'll move those into a location away from the direct sunlight.

We're so thrilled. Yay!!!!


  1. Green beans are best picked fresh, I love them.

  2. Proud Marine WifeJune 8, 2009 at 3:46 PM

    Thats really exciting !

  3. Hey slacker ! Okay, I'm totally kidding, you've probably been busy too. I've updated, so now it's your turn. -- You can always tell when I'm not doing well, when I stop writing for periods of time I end up going nuts. Ha. But it'll be alright. - Thanks, mum-in-law said similar things that you did, but I'm not a the place where I can just let it go yet. I'm not satisfied with having no answers or explanations from him and will stop at nothing to get some peace about it. With or without him, I'm going to get it, even if it takes me a long time. Although...from now on I'll try my hardest to leave angry words out of letters and calls. -- How are you doing though ? How is the family ? -- One watermelon plant hasn't really grown much , two of them are still working on vines, and the other is slowly in between. I'll post photos maybe tomorrow. The veggies look dirty but promising, growing slow though, painfully slow.

  4. Hi there,

    Just found your blog. You're container gardening is inspiring me to do a bit of that myself, at this late part of the season when I still want to plant a few more things but don't want to venture into too much new sod busting.

  5. Ohh, are they excited school is out ? Are you guys going to take some kind of vaccation this year ? With the economy, people seem to be doing that less and less. - Oh, you said "ya'll", that's a bad word.- Yeah, Jason hasn't been online since April or when he left first three days of May. I told him about my blog and he thought it was cool. When he gets back I'll start a new one because we'll be in a different stage of life. If he wants to read it he can, it's not that interesting. If I need to vent, he still gets it 100%, even though it's highly advised not to while they are deployed. - The birds near Pet Smart were making weird noises this morning, funny noises.- We've only had one bloom a few weeks ago and nothing else. They aren't growing quick, I'm not being patitent. I want to see results ! Haha. The flowers are going crazy though, they are all over 1 foot long, haha !! How can we get the veggies to grow quicker ???

  6. Accidental Huswife, Thanks for visiting. We love our container garden. So easy to move them around. Also can lift them to feel how heavy they are or not. If they are super heavy, you know they are super wet. Please visit often and let us know how your gardening goes.

    PMW, Hi. We are taking some trips out of state this summer. But we'll leave the veggie garden home. That's always scary for us. Your garden will grow and surprise you when you are not watching. Seems like if you watch then it grows slower.. Kids say that if you breathe on the veggie plants that the carbon dioxide makes the plants grow faster.

    Happy Gardening.


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