Saturday, February 14, 2009

6 Broccoli Containers

Big Bro helped transplant the broccoli dudes to their own containers. We have 4 broccoli plants already in the ground from last month and they are thriving. We are slowly getting our spring garden ready.


  1. i am so jealous! my broccoli has never turned out right! when my friend and i had a "contest" she grew a beautiful head , great size. i had a tiny head, good color tho. we did everything the same, tho i think her soil may have been better. i tried tho :)

  2. what is the difference between a broccoli transplant and a cauliflower transplant when thay are growing...??? i always miss those two at the contest we have for FFA-future farmers of america...could anybody tell me...!!! just post it up please...!!! thank you...gracias...merci!!!


Thank you for posting a comment. You rock!!