Saturday, February 21, 2009

Avocado Buds Galore

We transplanted 2 Holiday Avocado trees about 20 months ago. A few months ago, the trees sprouted tons of these "buds" like the one directly in the center of this photo. I wonder if those are fruits forming? Or are they something else? I was advised by my local nusery to remove any fruit for the first 2 years at least to strengthen the tree. Does anyone know what these little buds are? Please leave a comment with your advice. Thanks so much in advance!!


  1. those are the beginings of avocado flower buds if I am not mistaken :)

    Avacado trees ( for me) tend to make quite a few flowers in their first few years with no fruit, so you can either pinch off the floers ot encourage more growth of the leaves and roots or enjoy them for a few weeks and remove any fruit that does happen to form. Holiday avocados are a great variety too. Best of luck with them!

  2. avocado trees take a LONG time to produce fruit, we planted a 3ft tall tree and 7 years later we have (well had we moved)a gorgeous strong tree but still no fruit, I was told that it takes the tree between 7-11 years


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