Monday, February 2, 2009

First Potato Pic

We are growing potatoes in containers. This is a russet. The kids also planted dark red norlands and yukon golds. So far we planted 2 in Dec., 4 in Jan. and 4 in Feb. Lots of freedom fries, home fries, and mashed (kids' fave) someday.


  1. Wow! Planting potatoes already! We live in Southern Oregon and can't plant yet. I made potato sacks last year for growing potatoes. The plants were lush and we got quite a few potatoes in each bag. I will be making more bags this year. I only experimented with 3 last year. I got the idea from a advertisement in a seed catalog for Potato Sacks. I made my bags for pennies and they wanted over $10 for each of their bags. Being frugal......I had to try making my own. Good luck with your garden this year.

  2. i'd love to plant potatos in a pot! tell me how!! i live in north texas. zone 10 i think.

  3. Tami,

    It's pretty easy so far. Just need a sprouting potato, a pot, and some potting soil.

    I planted the sprouting piece of the potato in a few inches of potting soil. Watered lightly until the vine emerged.

    Then watered more. The pots have 5 drain holes. As the vine grows taller, just add more potting soil or compost.

    So far, they are very hardy. I am looking forward to the harvest.

    Just let me know if you have any questions. :)


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