Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Garden Before n' After

These 2 photos show our winter garden this year. First photo is from the end of November and second is from end of February. It's amazing the progress the garden made in just 3 months -and- during the winter. We started our winter garden as an experiment, since we never gardened outside of the normal season. Started with carrots. Soon we had a thriving garden with lots of veggies. Never knew we could do this and we were both surprised and blessed to have such success. We are beginning to clear the winter crops and by the end of March we will have moved on to the spring garden with new plants and new hope for a delicious and nutritious suburban garden


  1. That looks wonderful. I wish I had an outdoor garden like that.

  2. Very nice winter veggies! You can grow tons of stuff in the winter where you live. I wonder how long it will be before you start converting some of that lawn to veggies. ;)

    Thanks for following along with my blog.

  3. thanks for following me, i did the same....i just posted about my trip to a garden display this morning, i will be posting more later

  4. Wow, your garden is looking great! I can't wait for all the snow to be gone in mine. I am planning to plant potatoes this year and wondered how well they grow in containers like you have done???? I bought "potato Bags" from Gardener Supply and am anxious to try them. I like not having to hill them up but I haven't grown them before.


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