Sunday, July 19, 2009

Failed Overheated Cucumbers

Imagine the excitement when returning from a trip. Each mile closer to home made us more eager to see Our Suburban Garden. Finally we surveyed the plants. Seems it was a bit hotter than expected and the irrigation system did not quite keep up with the heat. Our bush cucumbers were the hardest hit. Look at those brown leaves. Let's try to baby these guys back to life. It's good to be back in the garden!!!


  1. Hope you can bring them back. Cucumber vines are so touchy when dealing with changes.

  2. Dang! This reminded me of what was happening with my garden. I only have tomatoes 6 pieces and that was it. Rabbits were having a party too. Can't help my garden. I have zucchini now but, i do not expect too much. The lovely animals in my yard is my competition. LOL.

  3. It is a little ify, If the vines will stay green for you, they might continue on to grow. Good luck.

  4. proud marine wifeJuly 19, 2009 at 3:37 PM

    That is so sad. :-( What do you do about it other than feed it water ? My squash is missing now, the only one we had. :-( Or I'm going crazy and imagined the entire thing. Haha ! But I think..might be wrong, but I think I see a cucumber growing finally. Oh- and welcome home !!

  5. Oh no I hope they survive, at least they have some fruit on them. Looks like how our plants looked after last summer's heatwave. They survived, at least in some gardens. Maybe it is time to invest in a garden sitter! They may eat you out of house and home, and probably use up all the toilet paper, but at least, in general, they tend to the garden. :)

  6. Hocking Hills Gardener, Thanks for stopping by. We hope this plant survives!

    Val, We are so glad the other plants are still happy. Thanks for the comment.

    Amy, Hang in there. We were surprised when a racoon was walking around on our patio. Kids now blame all garden damage on Jeffery the racoon.

    L.D., Well the vines are part green and part yellow. We would love to see some new shoots spring forth. Thanks!!

    PMW, We cut the dead leaves off and are giving it plenty of water. Are your neighbors taking your squash? Hope not. Cucumbers soon we hope. Thanks!

    Prue, You know that crossed my mind too. Do you think they'd eat all the ice cream too? BTW, wait til you see our Mortgage Lifters. The plants are huge- no fruit yet though. More to follow.

    Here's to a great week of gardening for everyone!!!!


  7. Morning SG~

    Thanks for coming by my little blog. :) Yes, Fertilizer Friday Flaunt Your Flowers is hosted by Tootsie @ every Friday. She is the Queen of gardening.... { at least in my book }. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her she is awesome and even gives 'Tootsie tips'. You should join this Friday, just link up on Mr. Linky and you can meet a whole lot of great people and see what's blooming all around.

    Hope you have a great day!

    ~ J ~

    P.S. We all fertilize every week. :)

  8. It happens. So sorry, but I hope you had a wonderful vacation too.~~Dee

  9. Too bad. Cucumbers from the garden are one of my favorites. Hope they come to back to life and start producing for you.


  10. Jessica, Thanks for the reply. I will check it out if I can on Friday. I now get it why I have seen FF in blogs. :)

    Dee, Had a great break from real life. Thanks and we hope the bush cukes come back to life.

    Margaret, The good news is the cucumber plant in the ground is looking terrific. There are some cukes that are nearly ready to pick.

    Have a great gardening day!!!


  11. Wow, you got a lot of comments on this post.


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