Monday, July 6, 2009

Watermelon Sprouts

Lil Bro is thrilled that his watermelon plants have sprouted and are growing well. To quote Lil Bro he says, "It's epic. When it grows watermelons the watermelons might be as big as the Magna Guard star fighter." Dad thinks that is a Star Wars ship. We expect the vines to overrun that corner of the yard pretty soon. Happy Gardening!! The original watermelon post is here:


  1. I can't wait to see how big a watermelon the size of the Magna Guard star fighter is. :) Perhaps as big as a giant cow in pink sunglasses. By the way, your green beans are looking great!

  2. That's really cool ! Mine are vining up and blooming finally, three out of four plants are that is, the one that isn't doesn't act or look dead, it there, and not a vine. Odd. It seems green and happy.- Oh my gosh, 1,000 ft of critter tubing would be out rageous to clean, silly kids !! The critters would certainly love it though. Mice are cute.

  3. Can't wait to see the watermelon. I'm told they can grow here but with lots of attention and TLC. Right now the eggplants are getting all my attention and they are still not doing well. This is now my second and final year with eggplant so next year they are out and maybe the watermelon will be in..

  4. Mr. H, Thanks. I would love to see watermelon the size of a giant cow.

    PMW, Keep watering and taking care of those guys. Let me know when the little melons appear.

    Margaret, We can't wait either. Lil Bro keeps asking when we will see the melons. I am thinking August or Sept. It's interesting to me since they're growing in a container. We'll see. Do eggplants need fertilizer?



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