Monday, July 20, 2009

Volunteer Tomato Covers Window

Back in May we put in the bigger better tomato cage. Turns out it was not big enough after all. The 7 foot tall tomato plant here is the same one shown on the top of the blog growing amongst the carrots. A photo from May is below. Wow!!! You can also see the rapid growth of the straight 8 cucumber plant to the right. Pretty soon we will get the first taste of those cukes!!!Below is the same plant from May 9th. Wow, it actually covered the window. And it is producing great tomatoes. Yum!!! And the cucumber plant is so tiny compared to now.


  1. Wow, you will soon need a ladder to pick tomatoes, I suppose you could pick some from inside though.:) You must have a green thumb as both those plants look to be doing exceptionally well, and that was a volunteer tomato?

  2. I can't believe how big they are, that's awesome ! Wait- thats a good thing, right ? Haha

    We're on day 78 today and my fall looks like it may be busy since I let my job go, it's very exciting.

    The past few days the guys had to collect all the drugs in the area and set up a few huge explosions. They always get super excited shooting at little things, imagine their grins at something huge ! The link below has really cool photos, thought the boys would enjoy looking at them. :-)

  3. Mr. H, I hope they don't grow over the roof and on top of the house. Then we will need a ladder. Yes, the tomato grew by itself and popped up around December. And it produces lots of great fruit. Go figure.

    PMW, Kids enjoyed the slide show. Didn't see J, was he photographed? I imagine all those guys were feeling the effects of all that burning stuff...


  4. Hi, I do envy you growing your own produce, and so impressively too. We have tomato plants but nothing like yours.

    Thanks for following me.

    CJ xx


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