Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suburban Container Garden

The double decker green bean patch at the end is flanked by the bush cucumbers and the potato ranch is beginning to take shape again. We got the containers hooked up to the drip sprinkler system. Originally we put the sprinkler pipes in for flowers, but guess what? No flowers, just veggies. Pretty soon we'll plant more and expand the garden. Gardening is good!!!


  1. Growing veggies is addictive, isn't it? Every year I peruse the seed catalogues, looking for new things to try!

  2. Ruth, You are right. Sometimes I skip meals and spend time feeding the plants instead. We're starting to run low on pots, but somehow we'll get them all planted and then start the re-planting cycle all over again.

  3. Proud Marine WifeJuly 17, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    Thanks, I was wondering how you guys were doing too. Are the boys enjoying the summer still ? Wow, your plants are growing quick !- I kind of have a question. My squash plants and cucumber plants I've had a gazillion flowers, the squash finally had one piece growing, but the cucumbers haven't yet. Is this normal ? It's so frustrating, I thought flowers meant produce. :-(

  4. Ohh, that's really cool, you guys must enjoy traveling. It really is fun to see and visit different places. I always love meeting the locals, to listen to their accents and see how they act to things. It'll be interesting when I move to Chicago next year..small town, southern girl in the big city..mhmm, interesting indeed.-- Oh gracious, I hate the waiting game, can't something ever be easy ? Haha. Nope. That's okay I guess.- Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week ! And hopefully you'll have some cukes, that would rock.


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