Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Potato Ranch Round 2

We have been pretty busy with the potato ranch for the past couple of months. We try to plant 1 potato every 3 days. The idea is to have the harvest to stretch out over a longer period of time. If we can harvest 1 container each week it would be awesome. There's another 40 seed potatoes so we'll run out of containers before long I hope.


  1. You're so lucky to be able to do this! If I tried to plant anything new at this time of the year it wouldn't grow - generally the cut off for me is around the longest day in June, but much earlier for potatoes. Will follow your potatoes with interest!

  2. That really is a great idea. I wish I could grow eddibles like you guys can.

  3. Ruth, Yes it is an amazing place to grow veggies. We are very lucky.

    PMW, You can do it too. My brother was composting some potatoes with sprouts all over them. I said, hey just plant them and grow a new plant. You can do it too.



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