Sunday, July 5, 2009

Green Bean Containers

Yay! We are back in the garden!!! The green beans are starting to grow a lot after some warm weather here. Still have not picked any beans yet, but soon we will get to. In the foreground are the bush cucumber plants. Sure enough they stopped growing at about exactly 2 feet tall. There is one big cuke in the bottom center of the photo. Just waiting for him to get a little bit bigger. Pretty soon the whole garden will be in full production mode. Happy Gardening!!


  1. Dang! The Weather here is so unbearable really. From 90's to 100.7 degrees almost everyday. Only yesterday that we have rain. Today, dry again. Well, flowers came up but, it took a long time to become fruit. We only have 4 produce of tomatoes. Well, still trying and hoping though. You have lots of produce in there.

    My hubby do the heavy stuff in the garden. Like tilling the soil. I did the lighter stuff. He ate and so proud of the first tomato produce LOL. I will post it soon. Thanks for the visit.

  2. The beans look fantastic! My bush cucmumber only grew like 6 inches the year I grew them so 2 ft tall seems great to me.

  3. Amy, It is always a proud moment when you get to eat from the garden!! Great job. Keep gardening and post pics.

    Heather, Thanks. This is our first year with bush cukes. We're hoping for the best. Funny how they have sharp needles in the skin. Thanks for stopping by.



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