Thursday, May 21, 2009

18 Potatoes

Yesterday and today we emptied out a potato container plant each day. The containers had 9 taters each. That brings our total to 44 potatoes. Home fries were a wonderful treat yesterday with salt, pepper, and chicken tikka masala sauce. Planning for some nice smooth mashed potatoes on Friday from these babies.. Happy Gardening!!!


  1. That is really a lot of potatoes for a container plant, wow. I decided to try your technique and have three big pots, two with russets and one with a red norland in it. It will be interesting to see first hand how they do in pots. Your potatoes look so nice, do you ever have any issues with scab?

    Again, thanks for the great idea.


  2. Mike,
    Good luck with the container potatoes. They have been pretty easy for us. We give them a drink every morning to keep them alive. Have not had scab problems. Hope we never do. Happy Growing!!

  3. Your potatoes look great. I planted Yukon Golds and can't wait to try them. Next time I'll mix it up a bit and add white and red potatoes as well.

  4. Margaret,
    I have thought of planting red, white and blue potatoes for Independence day. That's crazy, huh? Hope your spuds taste good. Happy Growing!!


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