Sunday, May 3, 2009

Potato Ranch Update

Here is the latest on the potato container ranch. The ones in the middle seem to be dying off and will be the next harvested once they loose all their green foliage. The remainder of them are doing pretty well. One of these days we will get around to planting the next set. The last time we planted potatoes was March 1st. Happy gardening from Our Suburban Garden to yours.


  1. did not start my vegetable garden yet, might be too late...hurricane season is coming, but, i will try my luck...hehehe

  2. Amy,

    Don't avoid the garden. You must dig in the dirt. It will be fun. And rewarding...

    Suburban Gardener

  3. I wish I had the room for a veggie garden. I could till up my entire back yard and plant one!


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