Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bigger Better Tomato Cage

The tomatoes that grew by themselves this year are almost up to the top of the 3 stakes we've been tying them to. So what do we do next? Well we decided to go big. The bigger better tomato cage is obviously a quick creation. And we hope it is strong and holds up the tomatoes and allows easy access for the harvest. It's hard to believe these 2 plants grew by themselves. It's hard to believe the one on the left survived the move in March. Let's see if we can grow these plants all the way to the top of this big cage. The little wire cage next to this is guiding the cucumber plant up. Soon we'll need a bigger better cage there also. Happy Gardening from Our Suburban Garden.


  1. That should work out pretty well for your tomato plants, it won't be long before the only thing you will see out that window is a big tomato plant. My tomato plants are about 6" tall and still a good 3 weeks away from going into the ground, we had a good frost just the other day. Those little wire cages work really well for pepper and eggplants as well.


  2. Mike, I hope the tomato plants block the window. This is the first year we are trimming and grooming and training the tomato plants to grow up so high. Since we are gardening up against a wall, the tomatoes can be completely hidden in the back. Hopefully all this thinning will give us good results.

    So you are not planting them until June. Wow. That seems like a short season, but it's probably normal for your climate.

  3. The best way to support your tomato plants is with The Tomato Stake.

    Easier to use than metal cages or upside down planters, stronger than bamboo and won't rot like wood stakes. The built-in twist-tie supports make tying your tomato plants easy!

  4. Are these the mortgage lifters you spoke of? Looks huge already! Hope they turn out to be extra tasty


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