Saturday, May 16, 2009

Strawberry Nirvana

Today we all trekked over to the California Strawberry Festival held in Ventura County. The drive is spectacular when you get north of Malibu. PCH is carved between mountain bluffs and ancient rock formations and the ocean. Suddenly the mountains end and there are miles of strawberry fields. After the festival we took a wrong turn (I usually get lost) and stumbled upon a U-Pick farm. The kids' enthusiasm kicked in and we picked half a flat of super sweet strawberries. It's nice to visit this beautiful region, have some fun, and dream a little...


  1. Sounds like a nice trip, sometimes it pays to get a little lost, you never know what you'll find.

  2. Nothing like fresh picked strawberries, love them.

  3. PMW, I love getting lost when we don't have to worry about being late for something. Exploring is fun.

    Margaret, We have one more bag of berries in the freezer. They are soooo good.

  4. Great looking crops! You have a fine blog here with all of your harvesting. I've enjoyed going all over it reading.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my place.
    We are heavy veggie gardeners here - I bought 2 tomato plants and 1 zucchini. Later bought a crab apple tree (for the beautiful blossoms and to attract birds). Now I bought a blue huckleberry bush - we have wild red ones on our old growth stumps and I love them when I can get a bite before the birds. Oh and 1 planter (very small) of strawberries. I may do them on a bigger scale next year but have heard the rabbits love them and we do have lots of critters up here in the woods.


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