Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Future Salad Ingredients

Oh my.. The veggies are growing so big and we planted so close together. The green ice lettuce has been wonderful and keeps growing back. The carrots are filling in. The cucumber is starting to spread out and we are training him to climb the wire cage. When the cucumber gets to the top of the cage, we'll fabricate a homemade trellis so it leaves the ground clear for some other veggies. The kale, onion and tomato are visible on the left. Eventually we will get an entire salad from this little section of Our Suburban Garden. Yum.


  1. Wow! Your stuff looks awesome. My lettuce is looking kind of brown and wilt-y now.

  2. That looks delicious, it makes the lettuce I bought tonight look far less appealing. Is growing vegetables for salads as easy as it seems ? -- Thank you. We were very fortunate, but we're still sharing our company satelite phone...they only have 10 computers and phones to share with over 1,000 guys right now. J doesn't bother with the lines, mostly the company phone.-- I've made several lady friends who husbands and boyfriend are with J's company and unit, so it works out. I keep super busy with my volunteer positions, am thinking of adding one more this summer if possible. Also with family. -- Yes...just one more day to green. :-) How many do you suggest starting out with ? How are you doing this week ?

  3. Becky, Our romaine lettuce is getting kinda wilty now so we've planted some more leaf lettuce. The new leaf lettuce should be ready to eat in 2 or 3 weeks. I remember your lettuce looking pretty healthy. Maybe you can just remove the brown leaves and new growth will occur and it'll be good as new. Worth a try.

    KE, Yes lettuce grows very well. The romaine we bought a six pack from the nursery, but the leaf lettuce grows great from seeds. Also the kale and spinach were from seeds. As long as it is not too hot, I think they'll do well. Maybe plant a 4 foot row, or a few containers of lettuce to start with. Then plant more in a month to have new fresh plants. Maybe 1 or 2 tomatoes too.


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