Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lil Bro Makes Mothers Day Gift

While Big Bro and Dad were mowing in front, Lil Bro secretly picked up plant clippings that were destined for the mulching mower. Lil Bro decided to use potting soil and re-plant the clippings for Mom. What a nice kid!!!! Happy Mothers Day !!!!!!


  1. Catherine, Yes it brought a big smile to her face. Lil Bro sometimes says 'one man's trash is another man's treasure.' And once again he humbles us.

  2. What a sweet heart, he's such a cutie !

  3. And thanks for your comment. Some of my remedy to coping with drastic changes is by working with children, and how can one not smile or laugh with t.hem ?

    So...I have this idea, and I want your opinion. This rather sounds lazy, but next year J and I are moving to the Chicago area once he's out of the military. There is a good chance we won't have a nice yard to do much planting, we may end up at a college dorm for married couples. Do you suppose a large children's poly pool, with drainage holes, could work to plant a few vegetables ? I'm thinking ones that don't need a very deep root growth space. Or do you think it would fry the plants and kill them ?

    This Friday or Saturday is green day ! :-)

  4. Proud MW, Kids sure will change your outlook. Working with kids would be awesome. The pool idea may work; but maybe individual containers would be easier to deal with. The containers can be picked up and moved around. Also they are easy to dump out and reuse for the next plants. Green day sounds good!!


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