Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green Beans Beginning to Sprout

The green beans are beginning to grow in that small patch of the garden that we recently planted with onions, spinach, leaf lettuce, tomato, cantelope, and green beans. We are expecting Our Suburban Garden to become quite a jungle this summer when all the veggies grow up. For now though we have some room for these young plants. We are expecting a few hot days here and the green beans and tomatoes should love that.
Also, not pictured, the boys helped harvest one potato container this afternoon. It was exciting to hear all our glee when spotting the red potatoes one by one. The prize today was 8 potatoes from that one container. They were mostly the size of extra large eggs and some were like medium sized store bought potatoes. Everyone, keep digging in the dirt and have fun!


  1. I think that is my favorite part. When the first seedling pops through the soil. Obviously the harvest is great, but I get a little giddy - like a child - seeing the first sprouts of anything. Nice work

  2. I felt the same way Tuesday when the radish and lettuce seeds I plant just on Saturday afternoon started to surface. I was so excited and could not contain myself. I was told that the radishes will be ready to harvet in just 28 days, that means by the end of the month, I will enjoying it. AWESOME.

    This weekend I will be planting my potates in a big wine like barrell, can't wait.

  3. My black beans are poking through as well and some already are growing the first set of true leaves.
    Potatos rock. I can't wait until my boys get to tip the tubs to harvest them!

    I love the picture of the tomato growing amid the carrots.

  4. I planted green beans this past Saturday, nothing yet but should see something pretty soon. Nothing yet with the potatoes but we've had some nasty weather the past few days and some dirt fell into the potato trenches, fingers crossed that they make an appearance.

  5. Jared, Thanks. It is cool and amazing. This afternoon we noticed some new sprouts and the ones from the photo are a tad taller.

    Cynthia, It is always nice to have fast results. Radishes are quick to grow. And potatoes are so fun to harvest. Have fun this weekend!

    David, I am willing to bet you have lots more green bean plants than we do. We planted one row about 5 feet long. How much green beans did you plant? That tomato from the carrot patch is now about 4 feet tall and thriving. Wow!!

    Margaret, Be patient with the potatoes. The rain ought to encourage their health. They will surprise you one day and bring a smile to your face. We're so excited about the green beans that we planted 3 containers today since we ran out of room in Our Suburban Garden.

    Happy Gardening!!!

  6. That's so exciting. I have some watermelon, cucumber and zucchini just popping up. I posted some new pictures of my plants on my blog, though I didn't get any cool pictures of the recently emerging specimens. Happy planting friend!

  7. Thanks Gardner,
    We really appreciate all your thoughts. Thats really cool you saw the guys (Marines) on a day they were able to relax, sometimes its a scary thing..but on the other hand, they get a chance to be themselves.

    It's actually J's third deployment, but our first full one together. I'm so blessed and all so lucky at the same time because I've been able to connect with several people, often finding them on my own. This isn't how I wanted out first year of marriage to be, but I'll work with what I do have and take what I do know.

    I've connected with gardening the past few years, flowers have been my "specialty". It would be really great to attempt vegetables. When it comes to starting from seed, am not good at it, so what would you suggest doing ? What vegetables would be great starters ?

    Our location is in North Carolina by the beaches, the southern part, I forgot what zones and such we're in.

    Thank you so much again, I hope you are doing quite well also.

    Have a lovely day !


  8. Becky, That's great that you are growing watermelon. I saw those plants at the nursery and was tempted, but it seemed like they would take a lotta space. That is awesome though and I hope they turn out great. Keep up the good work gardening. :)

    K.E., NC huh? I lived at Camp Lejeune for a while when I was a kid. We caught lots of hermit crabs at the Atlantic beach too. For veggies, maybe you could try green beans from seeds and tomatoes from a nursery or garden store. The green beans are easy to start and if you like them, there's nothing like home grown. Both the beans and tomatoes do well in the hot season too. Let us know how the garden goes!!


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