Sunday, May 31, 2009

Web Wetted by Weather

Wet drizzle has kept us from digging very much this weekend. Along the coast the low clouds have been parked right on top of us for 2 days. The moisture highlights the spider webs in the avocado and lemon tree. Hopefully the sun will return next week and the veggies will be happy and burst forth with new growth. Happy Gardening!!


  1. Those are pretty cool, what kind of spiders reside in them ? We used to have invasions of those creepy bannana spiders, they were enormous. - Thanks, it's not my first deployment altogether, but it's my first "first half" with J, I was there during the second half of Iraq last year. First few months are always the worst, it gets better. It would not be so difficult if he had no choice, but he did this it's really difficult for me to accept. It feels like he chose them over our marriage, it sounds dumb and selfish..but sometimes thats how it plays out in my head.- That's pretty cool your friend sends post cards every day, I send him snail mails often, silly love cards once a week, and every two weeks a package.- Anyways. How are the rest of your plants coming along ? Do you guys work with flowers of any sort ?

  2. Waaa....I got that too in my garden. I am not afraid of spiders but my sister-in-law nurse said, i should be careful because here in MS, there are so many dangerous spiders around. Thanks for stopping by. I have so many carrots and beets soon.

  3. Marbella, They were invisible until the mist invaded. Cool huh?

    PMW, Not sure what the spiders are. Mostly I see small black ones. Some have an orange butt. Be patient with your husband. We all need a little patience.

    Amy, So glad you got out and planted. It is really cool. Does the husband participate? Or just you?

    Watch out for spiders..


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