Sunday, May 24, 2009

20 Yukon Gold Potatoes

While we're on this potato harvesting kick, here are the first Yukon gold potatoes grown in Our Suburban Garden. Seems like all the potato plants are dying off for the harvest even though we stretched the planting out over a 4 month period. Perhaps the Yukon golds have a longer growing season and the Reds have a shorter season so they all meet in the middle. The Dark red norlands made excellent mashed potatoes and home fries. We are looking forward to enjoying these new spuds soon.


  1. Mmm..such delish potatoes. I'm partial to my mum's potatoe

    Thanks. I broke our camera the week after he deployed...and am saving up for a new one.(He's going to return to use a nice hot pink one when he gets back. Much to his dissaproval.) My cell usually takes really good photos though, so I'll have some up soon.

    How has your week been ?

    Daa' has to help put holes in the container, then we'll be on our way to happy planting.

  2. PMW, Yes these are delish. We have not tried potato soup yet. That sounds kinda good right now. Had a little cold this week, but looking up now for the weekend. Keep gardening. You're going great!!


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